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Pet Urns

Pet Urns Collection

Pet Urns - Selection for following your decision, Look through at selection of pet urns, made to represent the priceless memories of your adored animal.

Additionally, our urns are designed with both practicality and sentimentality in mind. We have available sizes from XX-Small to XX-Large according weight of your loving pet. Also Companion urns are perfect for pet owners who have lost multiple pets and want to keep their ashes together. We understand that every pet is unique, and we strive to provide a variety of sizes to ensure that your furry friend's memory is honored in the best possible way.

Selecting the Shape of Pet memorial Urns:

Our selection of Pet Memorial Urns offers a diverse range of shapes to help you honor the memory of your beloved pet in a unique and personal way. From elegant vase shapes to classic box shapes, as well as rectangle, oval, round, and tower style shapes, we have options to suit every preference and style.

- Vase Shape Urn: Features a top threaded lid opening system, allowing for easy and secure closure. The felt bottom provides protection for your furniture, preventing any scratches or damage.

- Box Shape Urn: Designed with a secure bottom opening system, sealed with a single screw. This ensures the urn remains securely closed, providing peace of mind.

- Rectangle, Oval,