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Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns for your Love One.

We, at Crafts shop, provide you with the best wooden urns for pet ashes. We are the best manufacturers and direct online retailers of wooden urns for cremation. We also deal in pet memorial urns as well as dog funeral boxes for burial ashes.


Cremation Urns for Human Ashes or Pet Ashes

We truly do the hand engraving on the cremation urns which give it a beautiful and unique look. And we also provide affordable beautiful and decorative handmade wooden burial urns for human ashes or pet ashes. You can get the best and long-lasting  memorial urns made of solid wood such as mango wood, rosewood and Sheesham.


Size of Cremation Urns:

We have all sizes of wooden cremation urns. Start size XX-Small to XX-Large and Companion Urns are available at our store. You can select size from option menu when you are on order page.


Shapes of Burial urns:

We are manufacturer ourselves. We make urns in many shapes, like Cube Urns, Rectangle Urns, Oval Shape Urns, Tower Style urns, Tear Drop Shaped Urns, Heart Shaped Urns, Pyramid Style Shaped Urns, and Egg Shaped Urns. You can explore our store for the finding a perfect shape what you want. Also we are able to produce on customer requirement. You can email us if you want a customize urn.


At Crafts shop, we pretty well know how much your pet means to you. Your pet is a part of your family and you adore it. This is the reason why we put our time and love into helping you keep alive the memory of your pet by offering a variety of wooden and metal urns


Cremation Urns by Crafts shop are made of metal, wood, brass urns for human ashes that can be customized as well. We all also offer other accessories that you can keep as a memento of your beloved one. With beautiful Urns for Ashes, we make sure to provide you, as a caretaker, with something special that truly honors your adorable pets that have left this world. 

Lost your loved one recently? Let us help you keep its memories intact with our wood or metal urns. No matter what you are looking for, Crafts shop has something to reflect your taste and style. The best part? Whatever we offer, we offer it at affordable prices. 


Get a special Wooden Urns for your special friend!

Pets, especially dogs, play an important role in our lives. Though we have a plethora of dog urns available with us, it is still possible that you don’t find the exact urn that is in your mind. No need to worry at all; we offer you the option of getting your pet urn customized. Hence, just glance through our catalogue of dog urns or pet urns, and if you do not see what you want, we will create a pet urn exactly the way you want it to be.


Having something with you that can help you memorialize your pet is great. And, this is where pet urns play a huge role. Give us the opportunity to work with you and we will do everything to make sure you get that perfect pet urn. 


Handcrafted Decorative Urns and Exceptional Quality

To provide your loved one with a perfect resting place, we provide you with high-quality decorative urns that help you keep safe the memories of your loved one. Explore our collection and you will find funeral urn in many different sizes, shapes, materials and colors. We are pretty confident that you will find the perfect memorials with us. 

cremation urns for human or pet ashes

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